Diseases of the tongue and our community.

Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem,

From the things that lead to the destruction of a Muslim is the tongue. And it is from the things that lead to the disunity of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. And to this I will put some verses and Ahadeeth that pertain to this issue and short notes afterwards. May Allah make it easy upon us to be from amongst those who hear the beneficial speech and obey it.

Allah said in his book: “And do not say that which you have no knowledge about, verily the hearing, the eyesight and the hearts are responsible.”

And he said: “Verily my Lord has prevented evil deeds that are apparant and secret and sin and trangression without right and to make partners with Allah which he sent no authority for and to say about Allah which you do not know.”

Allah said in his book: “And do not backbite each other, would you like to be from those who eat the dead meat of your brother so that you dislike it. And fear Allah. Allah is the Tawwabur Raheem.”

And he also said: “Oh ye who believe if news comes to you from a Faasiq verify it.”

The Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said in a Hadeeth in Tirmidhi: “And wouldn’t the people’s faces be thrown into the fire from their tongues?'”

And he said (Salallahu Alaihi wa sallam) : “If it is true what you said about him (what he dislikes) then this is Gheebah and if it is that what you said is untrue it is Buhtaan (lieing)”

And he said (Salallahu Alaihi wa sallam): “The one who is a Qataat (one who carries tales between two people to cause mischief between them) will not enter Jannah.”

And there are many other references that can be used however I wish not to go into much detail. I would just like to remind myself and the public about the seriousness of safeguarding our tongues. And from the benefits of these Ayaats and Ahadeeth are:

(1) Lieing upon Allah and saying about Allah which one doesn’t know is a major sin.

(2) Keeping away from saying that which one doesn’t know. It also shows the Haraam nature of conveying a Fatwa of a Shaikh unless he has the evidences. As Shaikh Muqbil said: “Alhamdu Lillah Ahlus Sunnah do not make Taqleed because Allah said “Do not say that which you have no knowledge about.”

(3) That Gheebah is like eating the dead flesh of one’s brother/sister.

(4) That is it a major sin that requires repentence since Allah said in the end of the Ayah that he is Tawwab Ar Raheem.

(5) That a person’s tongue can be the reason as to why he enters the fire or Jannah.

(6) The seriousness of saying something about someone which he wouldn’t like to be mentioned.

(7) That carrying tales between people to cause discord is a major sin which can be a reason for one being burnt in the hellfire in order to be purified from that sin.

After all these benefits we should see that backbiting, slandering, tale-carrying etc are major sins that we must restrain from. However, our community, i.e the Salafi community, is afflicted by these diseases and we seek Allah’s help. All this has caused disunity and hatred between those who had unity and love. Because we couldn’t hold that tongue there is seperation. Because we can’t hold that tongue there is rancour between brothers. And we are allowed in the Sunnah to lie and say good things to bring unity between brothers. However, instead all we seek to bring is seperation until the clothing of “advice.”

We must be careful. And we must not occupy our good health and “free” time, I say free time however time is even more expensive than gold the size of Mount Everest, in these nefarious activites which can only land us face down into the Hellfire. Rather if we spent our time learning the Qur’an and the Sunnah, memorizing both, understanding and practicing both and calling toward both we would find our time expensive and not waste our time on such trivial matters.

Wallahi I called some of the Ulama at times and they were busy. I once called Shaikh Wasiyullah about an issue in marriage and he told me: “Don’t make the question long I am giving a lecture.” I tried to call Shaikh Yahya about an issue in marriage that a sister asked me and he said: “Busy, Busy.” I called Shaikh Muhammad Al Imam about the same issue and he said: “I am busy can you call next few hours inshallah?” even Shaikh Muhammad Al Maliki when I call at times I just get the voice message because at these times he doesn’t answer the phone. However, if a brother calls a brother or sister calls to gossip, unlike the Ulama who’s time is expensive, we spend our time which is free, cheap and has no blessings on frivolity and games.

Brothers and sisters, spend time in remembering Allah, speaking good words, seeking knowledge and doing good deeds. Do not be one who has spent his life wallowing in his disease and having nothing to show for it. Rather let us imitate our Ulama and use the time for good. The Prophet (Salallahu alaihi wa sallam) said as reported in Kitaab Uz Zuhd by Wakee’ Ibn Jarraah on the authority of Ibn Abbas: “Two favours that many people waste, good health and time.”

Allahu Musta’aan


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