Advice from Shaikh Al Albani

After praising Allah, seeking refuge from him and bearing withness of Allah’s oneness and the Messengership of the Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu alaihi wa sallam) Shaikh Al Albani said:

My advice to every Muslim on the earth. Especially our brothers who share with us the ascription to this blessed Da’wah. [Da’wah to the book and the Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf Us Salih].
I advice all of you and myself firstly with the fear of Allah. And then to increase in beneficial knowledge. As Allah has said: “Fear Allah and Allah will teach you.”
And to put together that proper knowledge- which is what is with us all: that doesn’t leave the book of Allah and the Sunnah upon the (understanding) of the Salaf Us Salih, to put together with their ilm and gaining more of it according to their ability in the way of Allah: Actions upon that knowledge so that it would not be an evidence upon them, rather it would be an evidence for them: “The day that money or children would not benefit except for the one who comes to Allah with a peaceful heart.”

And I warn from participating with those who have left the Salafi way in many issues. Joining together the word “Khuruuj” upon the Muslims and their Jama’ah. And we order them to be as he – Salallahu alaihi wa sallam- said in a sound Hadeeth: “And be slaves of Allah brothers unto one another as Allah has ordered you”. Yes.

And upon us- as I have said in previous sittings, and I repeat it again and in repeating it is a benefit. And upon us is to be gentle in giving da’wah to those who have deviated, and to be with Allah’s statement at all times: “Call to the way of your lord with wisdom and beautiful speech and argue with them with what is best.”

And those who are most deserving of this wisdom: they are those who are most opposed to our fundamentals and aqeedah so that we do not join between the heaviness of the true da’wah that Allah have blessed us with and between heaviness in the way we give da’wah.

I hope from all our brothers in Islamic countries to make their behaviours according to the legislated Islamic manners, and to want by this the face of Allah – azza wa jal- and to not want from this any reward or thanks.

And possibly in this is enough and all praise is due to Allah.

Notes: This does not mean that one should be gentle to one who opposes da’wah as salafeeyah after he knows the truth with clarity. And Shaikh Al Albani’s stances to Muhammad Al Ghazali who wrote Fiqh Us Seerah, the likes of Zaahid Al Kawthari and others who have opposed the Manhaj of the Salaf.


4 thoughts on “Advice from Shaikh Al Albani

  1. Can u tell me if the articles albani unveiled if these articles are true or false .Cuz ever time i want to search for shaykh albani fatwas and works these things always come up.Please reply me .Jazak Allah.

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