Ash Shaikh Dr. Salih Aal Ash Shaikh on memorizing the Qur’an

The Shaikh was asked: Is memorizing the Qur’an put forward on seeking knowledge?

The Shaikh said: If it is that one sees that he has the ability to memorize the Qur’an then he memorizes the whole Qur’an. This is better for him, and this is what the Ulama of the past were upon. They didn’t accept anyone to read to them until they finished memorizing the Qur’an. And it has been related to me that one of our scholars may Allah preserve them said I came to Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem (Dr. Salih’s grandfather) {May Allah have mercy on him} and I said to him that I want to read to you. He asked: Did you memorize the Qur’an? I said: No. He said to me: Go and memorize the qur’an then come to me and read. He said: I stayed away from him for six months with this goal and dirve and I memorized the Qur’an within six months. Then I came to him after this and said: Oh Shaikh I memorized the Qur’an May Allah bring goof to you. He said: Read; He (the narrator) said: He examined me on some parts and then said: May Allah bless you. He (Shaikh Ibraheem Aal Ash Shaikh) then said: Read in so and so book and he entered into the circle.

The one who has strength in memorizing memorizes the Qur’an. And afterwards he goes into the circles of knowledge… memorizing the Qur’an is knowledge because what would you use as evidence? The one who has no weapons from evidences and clarity from the Qur’an what does he use as evidence? He uses the understanding of different people and their opinions. But the evidences are from the book of allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger (Salallahu alaihi wa sallam) … therefore in order to have strong evidences memorizing the Qur’an in a must. The one who doesn’t memorize how does he bring evidence? The one who doesn’t memorize from the Sunnah from which he is able to what does he use as evidence? This is strange.

5 thoughts on “Ash Shaikh Dr. Salih Aal Ash Shaikh on memorizing the Qur’an

  1. As salaamu alaykum akhee,…

    There are some automatically generated posts under your posts. Most of these link to blogs by those who are not upon Sunnah. It’s better if you change settings on your blog to prevent this. JazakAllaah khayr.

  2. salaamun ‘alaykum

    Jazakallaahu khairan brother for sharing this.
    You wrote in your translation “May Allah bring goof to you”. I’m assuming writing goof was a typo. If so, you may also want to make the little fix in the typo while spelling drive (dirve).

    [this comment doesn’t have to be passed, barakallaahu feekum]

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