What is respecting the Ulama

Shaikh Yahya Al Haajuri said on a tape dated 3rd Rajab 1429 Hijra:

(The Hizbees) took to themselves the words: the Ulama, the Ulama, the Ulama which is a window dressing and they are not with the Ulama by Allah. As the companions of Abu Hasan (Al Ma’ribi) used this as a window dressing before they are from the same origin. Yes. It was said to them the truth is this and the evidence is this, this happened, that happened. They turned as said no the Ulama of Madeenah said so and so the Ulama of Jordan said so and so, the Ulama of so and so said so and so and so and so is left… The reality is that you do not find these people with anyone in the end. But they go from stage to stage hidden by saying: the Ulama, the Ulama. And some of them by Allah are furthest away from respecting the Ulama.
True respect for the Ulama is respect for their true Manhaj and their correct Da’wah… if they (the Hizbees) were with the Ulama they would have taken the statements that are based upon knowledge. But they do not want knowledge or the Ulama they want their desires. From the hiding of the Shia’ah behind the name Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (they said) Ali, Ali, Ali and the reality is that they oppose the call of Ali and they are opposed to the Sunnah that he called toward and they are opposed to the truth that was with him. Therefore between them and between Ali is the distance of the two easts


3 thoughts on “What is respecting the Ulama

  1. I don’t know the particular stance of Shaikh Yahya Al Haajuuri. And Allah knows best but the Shuyuukh haven’t said they are not Salafis and what not. However, from what I have read from a book called Tanbeeh Al Fateen Shaikh Ali Hasan has made some serious mistakes and I ask Allah to guide him.

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