Griviences amongst Ahlus Sunnah- Part 2.

Last week Friday I wrote what I have observed in part one from what many of our corrupted souls have done to this glorious Manhaj dealing with topics such as trangression, envy and other blameworthy characteristics which we haven’t extracted from our souls. Often I like to quote Ibn Qudama who said that it is compulsory for a person who is seeking knowledge to purify himself from evil and blameworthy characteristics. And to add, this is the similitude of the one who goes to perform the prayer without Wuduu. If one performs prayer without this condition he has no prayer. Likewise if one seeks knowledge, or gives da’wah without purifying his heart his seeking knowledge will have no benefit to him or to others.

One of the things I saw unfortunately yet again was a statement about Abu Khadeejah saying:  “Nifaaq runs through your blood waheed. Soon all will be revealed.” This statement which is spread on the forums shows the problems which we face. The first of which being ignorance because Nifaaq according to the Ulama is showing Islam yet hiding Kufr. And there are two types which are Nifaaq Al ‘Itiqadee which takes one out of the religion and Nifaaq Al ‘Amali which doesn’t take one out of the religion. And the Ulama of Aqeedah have agreed that Nifaaq Al ‘Itiqadi is a matter of what is within one’s heart. And the evidence for this is that the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa sallam) didn’t know the names of the Munafiqeen until they were revealed to him. So the person who made this statement, upon what is apparant, has to learn his ‘Aqeedah before trying to give da’wah or speaking about this Shaikh or that Shaikh.

And this is what we find, many people want to make statements about Shuyuukh like Shaikh Ali Hasan Al Halabi or make statements about other Salafis yet their statements show clear Jahl of simple issues in Aqeedah which Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab underlined in his treatise Al Waajibaat Al Mutahatimaat. So we have to fear Allah and seek knowledge and look at that which will benefit us.

Also, there are aspects of the Manahij of Ahlul Bid’ah which many of us who claim to be Salafis follow also. From that is what many of the scholars call At Tamasuh. Meaning that because one is associated with Shaikh Fulaan or Fulaan. However with this association they are in no way associated with the Manhaj of the Salaf.

For example, the Chritians say they are associated with Jesus yet they have nothing to do with him. The Shi’ah say they are associated with Ali yet they have nothing to do with him. Likewise there are those who try to associate themselves with the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah of this time but yet they are in no way associated with they Aqeedah or Manhaj. Rather their Manhaj is deviant and they use the scholar as a smokescreen for their deviance. So let those who fear Allah and have intelligence reflect. Your aqeedah or manhaj has no bearing on whether you call Shaikh Fulan or ‘Alaan in times of Fitnah but rather your Aqeedah and Manhaj goes according to what you believe and practice.


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