Taking knowledge step by step


Shaikh Yahya Al Hajuuri said:


Taking knowledge step by step is from the means of seeking knowledge, and it is upon the teacher to take his brothers and students step by step by giving eveyone their rights. By giving the beginners their rights and those who are more advanced their rights.

Then what is most important for a student to place emphasis upon is his manners and behaviour for this is from the matters of taking knowledge step by step. It is not beneficial that one seeks knowledge of Mustalah and he doesn’t know what is tied to these essential matters from reading in the books of the mannerisms of the students of knowledge. For verily reading in them benefits the student much even in your seeking knowledge and clarifying to you how to seek knowledge. And this is from the first steps. Knowing what being a student of knowledge is. And the Alim is not independant of this ever and the guidance is with Allah.


We advise to take knowledge step by step. Beginning with that which is easy then that which proceeds it.  For example in Mustalah you begin with Baiquuneeyah memorizing it and learning it with one who teaches it simply. And in Tajweed you begin with what is easy for you by a teacher who will teach you tajweed. And make you understand some of its ruling with simple understanding and listening to some of those who are proficient in reading. And like this you learn writing if you are unable to do so and also Imlaa (how to use punctuation marks and the Hamza in particular) you learn both because they are from each other.


 And in Tawhed you may learn with the three principles and the beneficial statements and also Mabadi Al Mufeedah. All of them are easy to understand and memorize. And them are Ahadeeth and Ayaat and there is no hardship in them. And if youlearn these all the other books are readable. And also Lum’ah Al Ittiqaad remains in one’s mind because of it simplicity and understandinf these beggining books make other books easy and helps you to understand them.


And also in inheritance it is possible to take Rahibeeyah and memorize it and learn it or to learn Ar Raaid and it is from the easy books that are specific in mentioning the rulings. As for maths and other than this it can make the beginner tired but he understands what he can and tries to understand and learns from those who understand the lessons and summarizes it.


 As for Usuul if one memorizes Nadhm Al Imriiti for Waraqaat it is a beautiful and easy poem… it doesn’t have difficulty in it. And also learning the book Al Usuul Min Ilm Al Usuul from Shaikh Salih Al Uthaimeen may Allah have mercy on him. It is a beneficial book for beginners and easy upon them. And on it he has a printed explanation for for whomsoever wishes to understand it more and widen his scope. And it is upon the student to look at his level and seek advice from those who are more knowledgeable and have more understanding.


 And asks them with what they begin with and afterward they take knowledge level by level. And in Nahuw you take Ajruumeeyah or Mulha Al I’raab for it is easy… and they have expanded in explaining them. Then you go to Mutammimah after Ajruumeeyah and after Mutammimah you go to Qatr An Nadaa. And like this one takes it step by step. However if one goes immediately to expansive books such as Qatr for this is what will not give you understanding and make you tired. And would be difficult upon you.



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