Speech of Shaikh Al Albani, that should be written in golden ink.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I found this speech in tape number 901 in Silsilah Huda Wa Nuur. And indeed it is very beautiful speech for all of us to reflect upon. Because many of us claim to love and to study knowledge, however we fall into this category. For how many of us continue to militate against the truth when it comes clearly to us. How many of us continue to memorize Qur’an and Hadeeth and yet we are nowhere close to acting upon it but rather we do the opposite of what is commanded within it. How many of us continue to do sins like speaking to non-mahram women on the streets and on the phones. And how many of us when we gain a little bit of knowledge and yet at the same instance we become filled with pride. We think ourselves as mountains yet we are not even the pebbles on the roadside. And Allah’s help is sought.

The Shaikh said: “But the problem which is the source of all problems in this time as we have said in many sittings is that within this time there is corruption in nurturing (the Muslims) as well as corruption in character. There is no doubt that these days no one can possibly deny that there is an awakening in knowledge. But rather than conglomerate with this awakening in knowledge one’s nurturing himself upon good manners there is the opposite level of  nurturing (oneself and others) upon truly good manners and the basis of this is that many of those who ascribe themselves to teaching and learning do not exemplify the behaviour of the Ulama. And (also) rather than exemplify the behaviour of the Ulama (scholars) those who have now started in seeking knowledge are fooled with the little bit they have gotten in a small amount of time.”

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