Shaikh Fawzan’s advice to university graduates.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This is an advice that I took from Qasim Mutiva’s (a student of Jami’ah Imaam in Riyadh) website. And I have taken some of it from the recording because many in Trinidad think that once someone has graduated from a university or madrasah he is a qualified scholar and has the right to give fatawa and not return to the real scholars of Islam. Shaikh Fawzan said:

Do not limit knowledge to graduating from the colleges or having a certificate. Verily these certificates and graduation are only a testimony that you have now begun to seek knowledge (saying it twice) and that you have taken principles and the like that you proceed upon and it is not the end. And everything goes according to what Allah has made ease for someone. But the main point is to have a good intention and being sincere to Allah and action upon what Allah has taught you.


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