Shaikh Rabee’ on Salafeeyah in Yemen

ومما زاد في اشتياقي للقاء إخواني السلفيين في اليمن ما وصفهم به الشيخ ربيع حفظه الله تعالى بقوله: «إن سلفية اليمن هي أقوى سلفية في العالم لما عندهم من التميز وعدم الخوض في الانتخابات والسياسة».

Shaikh Salim At Taweel said: And what increased my yearing to meet my Salafi brothers in Yemen is how Shaikh Rabee’ (May Allah preserve him) described them with his statement: “Salafeeyah in Yemen is the strongest Salafeeyah in the world and they have that which makes them different (from the rest) and they do not delve into elections and politics”.

Notes: So whomsoever says that the Salafi Da’wah has changed since Shaikh Muqbil died let them ponder on the words of Shaikh Rabee’ and keep quiet after they ponder.

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