What is Wuduu?

Wuduu is an act which:

i) Water that purifies is used (which is water that three things are not changed: its smell, its colour and its taste). Not water that is mixed with a pure substance or water that is mixed with an impure substance (that changes these three descriptions)

ii) Is done in specific sequence. As the Prophet (Salallahu alaihi wa sallam) did it.

iii) Becomes compulsory with Minor Hadath (Hadath is what makes Wuduu compulsory like urine, stool, deep sleep etc).

iv) Becomes compulsory when the time for compulsory prayer approaches (if one has done an action which breaks Wuduu). Also if one wants to make non compulsory prayer and doesn’t have Wuduu he must make Wuduu

Steps in Wuduu:

1) To make the intention. This is done within the heart. Saying it loud is in fact an innovation since there is nothing in the book and the Sunnah that shows that one can say his intention for Wuduu loudly. The Prophet (Salallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Verily actions are by intentions”.

2) Saying Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheeem.

3) Washing the hands up to the wrists three times.

4) Washing the face three times. Included in this is the mouth and the nose (meaning rinsing the mouth and washing the nostrils).

5) Washing the arms further than the elbow three times.

6) Wiping the head once (as narrated in Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim). And what is included in this are the ears. And the method in wiping the ears is by using the index fingers to wipe inside the ears and using the thumbs to wipe outside of it.

7) Washing the feet three times letting the water reach above the ankle. And this includes washing between the toes also.


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