What is a true scholar?

Many Muslims are confused about this topic about who is a scholar and who is not. As we remember months ago there was a heated discussion about this matter and the claim was made that Trinidad contains local scholars. On this note I would like to write some of the words of Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al Uthaimeen in order to clarify this matter.

The Shaikh said (after mentioning the virtues of knowledge and the scholars): Once that is made clear (the virtues of knowledge and its people) it is of utmost importance to know who the true scholars are, they are the ones who nuture the people upon the Shari’ah (Law) of their Lord until they (the people) have the ability to diffrentiate between those scholars who nuture the people (upon truth) and those who simply imitate them and in reality they are not from them, they imitate them in their appearance, how they look, their statements and their actions, but he is not from them in terms of advising the creation and seeking the truth, for the best of what they have is dressing the truth with falsehood and presenting the falsehood with decorated sentences with which the thirsty would think it is water until he comes to it and he doesn’t find anything (it is a mirage in other words). But it is innovation and misguidance that some people think is knowledge and understanding of the religion and that what is other than it is not spoken about except by a heretic or a madman…

Taken from the explaination of principle 4 of Usuul Us Sittah 


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