Are Shaikh Rabee’ and Shaikh Ubaid from the senior scholars?

In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

About a week ago our beloved father Sheikh Ahmed an Najmi visited the city of Riyadh for surgery in his eye.  After completing his operation, a few students from different parts of the world visited the Sheikh in a furnished apartment.  He was not giving any classes or lectures, but as he said himself: I know the love of the students will not allow them to stay away from visiting me.  He did however, allow two questions.  The second questioner stated:

Oh beloved Sheikh, some individuals in the west hold the view and spread that Sheikh Rabea’ bin Hadee, and Sheikh Ubaid al Jabiree are not from the senior scholars, instead, the senior scholars are Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan and others on The Committee of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia.  What is your comment on this statement?

He responded:  If this person is ignorant, then it should be said to him: This is only your opinion.  We hold them to be senior scholars.  This (incorrect) statement will not harm Rabea’ nor Ubaid.  This is natural that people will speak against The People of The Sunnah, it will not at all harm Rabea’ nor Ubaid.

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