Lies about Shaikh Muqbil.
One Sheik’s Mission: To Teach the Young to Despise Western Culture

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December 17, 2000, Sunday

Late Edition – Final, Section 1, Page 36, Column 1, 2485 words

DISPLAYING ABSTRACT – Sheik Muqbel bin Hadi al-Wadie oversees Islamic study center in Dammaj, Yemen, that he says in strictly theological but that FBI says is incubator for holy war that Osama bin Laden has declared against United States; 70-year-old sheik is font of vituperation against US and Israel, Christians and Jews; his puritanical brand of Islam, called Salafism, requires that Muslims shun corrupt ways of modern world and return to austerity and zeal of Prophet Muhammad

Notes: These people from the western media and the FBI have no scruples about lieing about the Shaikh (May Allah have mercy upon him).  The Shaikh himself had many articles and recordings refuting the ideologies of Usamah Ibn Ladin (Bin Hidin). I am amazed by the fact that I am an avid listener of the Shaikh’s tapes and an avid reader of his books and yet I have not found one thing that calls to the ideology of Usama Bin Hidin.

Usama Bin Hidin is a Takfeeri deviant who calls toward the Manhaj of the Khawarij. They kill people unjustly whether they may be Muslims or not and we as Muslims especially the Salafis distance ourselves from that Shaitaan of mankind.  Get your facts clear before you accuse an innocent man!!

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