The Humility of our Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Hadi

 The Humility of our Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Hadi Al Wadi’ee (Didn’t write the whole thing)
فهو لا يفخر على أحد ولا يغتر بنفسه ولا يتكبر على أحد ومن خالطه عرف ذلك منه .

He was never one to look down at others or be amazed of himself or have pride over others and whoever mixed with him knew this

وهو يقول : أنا مقصر ، ويقول : لست راضيا عن نفسي

He said of himself: I am deficient, and he said: I am not pleased with myself.
وأخبرنا رحمه الله أنه عند بدأ الشيب يظهر في لحيته تالم وقال لنفسه : ماذا قد قدمت للإسلام والمسلمين .

And when gray started to appear on his beard he started to become said and said to himself: What have you done for Islam and the Muslims?

ويقول في الدعوة حين ظهرت وعلت وانتشرت : هذا شيء أراده الله فليس بقوتنا ولا بفصاحتنا ولا بكثرة علمنا ولا بكثرة مالنا .

And he said about the (Salafi) Da’wah when it became apparant, powerful and spread: This is something that Allah wanted and it was not by our strength or our eloquence or our knowledge or our money (in reality they were poor).

ويقول : في حالة المختلطين من الرواة والمحدثين عبرة ، بالأمس في زمرة العلماء ، واليوم في زمرة المجانين ، فيجب ألا يفتخر بالذكاء ولا بالحفظ .

He also said: About the condition of those who mixed with the narrators of Hadeeth is a meesage: Yesterday they were amongst scholars, now they are among crazy people, therefore it is upon everyone to not be amazed of himself because of his intelligence of ability to memorize

ويقول : الكبر من أعظم الصوارف عن الخير قال تعالى : (( سأصرف عن ءاياتي الذين يتكبرون في الأرض بغير الحق )) ، والمتكبر مبغوض لدى الناس ولو كال لهم الذهب بالزنبيل كيلا .

He also said: Pride is one of the biggest things that turns one away from good. Allah said: “I will turn those who have pride upon the earth from my verses”. And one who has pride is hated by the people even if he has gold that weights a lot.

وقال غير مرة لطلابه : أنا أعتبركم الآن زملائي

And he said a few times to his students: I see you now as my friends.

ولهذا كله فهو من سمته وخلقه ، أنه يقبل الحق حيث كان وممن كان ، ذكرا أو أنثى ، صغيرا أو كبيرا .
ويفرح بذلك ويدعو لمن نبهه على ذلك ، وينبه على ذلك في الملأ

And for all these reasons from his character and manners, was that he would accept the truth from anyone whoever it may have been, male or female, whether young or old. And he used to become happy for that reason and make du’a for the one who made him pay attention (to his error). And he made his errors clear in front of crowds.

Note:  As a result we see the fruits of his da’wah in Yemen where it is powerful. His students include Shaikh Yahya Al Haajuri who has memorized the six books of Hadeeth. Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Al Wassabi, Shaikh Muhammad Al Imam, Shaikh Yahya Ibn Abdul ‘Azeez Al Bura’ee. And amongst them who were on our island i.e Shaikh Zayed Al Wassabi who has memorized books such as Buluugh Ul Maraam and Shaikh Abu Amr Al Haajuri who has memorized Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim. May Allah ta’ala keep Dammaj as one of the lighthouses of the Sunnah.



3 thoughts on “The Humility of our Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Hadi

  1. May Allaah have mercy on Allaamah Shaykh Muqbil and reward him for his good deeds. MashAllaah Shaykh Yahya al-Haajooree hafithahullaah has memorized the Saheeh Sitta!!!
    May Allaah preserve the Mashaykh of Yemen and enable us to benefit from them and protect us from arrogance. Aameen.

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