Advice to those who run from ascribing themselves to the Salaf

Shaikh Yahya An Najmee Mufti of Jaizan (south of Saudi Arabia) was
asked :” Some youths run away from saying “I am Salafi” what is your
advice on this matter?”

The Shaikh answered “Why do they run away from that? Do they think
Salafeeyah is incorrect in any way? It is only an ascription to what
the companions of the Prophet were upon and those who followed them
from the scholars, jurists, scholars of hadeeth, and scholars of
tafseer; those who are known for their correct belief in every time
and place. Those who follow the truth i.e the book of Allah and the
authentic sunnah of the Prophet upon the understanding of the
So is this ascription to these people incorrect in any way
to the point that one runs away from it? To Allah we come from and to
Allah we return.
As for the one who follows the way of the salaf and says I am Salafi
inshallah Allah we hope for him good. As for the one who runs away
from this ascription maybe he/she may be punished for it.


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