Female Students of Knowledge in Dammaj

Umm ‘Abdillaah bint Muqbil bin Haadee Al-Waadi’iyyah


1. The righteous Shaykhah Umm ‘Abdillaah ‘Aa’ishah Bint Muqbil Ibn Haadi, Al-Wadi’eeyah:

She is one who loves the Sunnah and calls to Allaah upon knowledge and understanding, and is a strong researcher who hates blind following and strives on understanding the proof and acting upon it. Her students love her and she loves them with a strong love, and Allaah benefited her students by her, and made some of them callers to Allaah as well.She teaches them in “As-Sunnah” by Ibn Abee ‘Aasim, and “Qatarun-Nadaa” and she has previously taught “Al-Qawlul-Mufeed” by the esteemed Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahhaab Al-Wasaabee, and ” Fath Al-Majeed Sharh Kitaabit-Tawheed” and other books as well. And from what she has authored are “Naseehatee lin-Nisaa” (My Advice to the Women), which has been published (by Daar Al-Athaar). Also “ As-Saheeh Al-Musnad min As-Shamaa’il Al-Muhammadiyyah” published (by Daar Al-Athaar). And a treatise that is waiting to be printed, “Al-‘Ilm wal-‘Ulemaa” She is currently working on the verification and explanation of ” As-Sunnah” by Ibn Abee ‘Aasim including the fiqh of some of the matters and the benefits of others, the religious importance of traveling for knowledge, and the rulings on the ahadith, authentic and weak, without blindly following anyone from the people of this time or other than them. She is also working on “As-Saheeh Al-Musnad min As-Seerati An-Nabawiyyah” and she also has a beneficial commentary on “Bulagh Al Maraam” by Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar. All of this she does along with answering letters that are sent to her from within Yemen and outside of it, and Allaah has made it sufficient for her to continue the journey in the service of the Prophet’s Sunnah, and may Allaah protect her and her students from ignorant partisanship Ameen.


2. And she has an older sister, Umm ‘Abdillaah Al-Wadi’eeyyah. She is one who loves the good. She teaches within the limits of her capabilities what she is able with all of her responsibilities. May Allaah give us success and guide her to good. Verily He is Bountiful and Generous.


Umm Shu’ayb As-Salafiyyah Al-Waadi’iyyah


3. Umm Shu’ayb As-Salafiyyah Al-Wadi’eeyyah (and she is a wife of Shaykh Muqbil): An excellent woman who fears Allaah and who has love for the sunnah and the people of the sunnah. She has excellent character. She teaches her sisters in Qur’aan memorization with tajweed. In addition, she has studied with some of her sisters “Al-Qawlul-Mufeed” from our esteemed brother, the shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahhaab Al-Wasaabee. She has also studied “At-Tihfat As-Sunniyah” and “Al-Mutamama ” and “as-Sifaat As-Salaah” by Shaykh Al-Albaanee. Umm Shu’ayb has authored, “As-Saheeh Al-Musnad min Fadaa’il Ahlil Baytu An-Nabawee” with clarification of what it needs from the explanation of some of the words. She is now working on ” As-Saheeh Al-Musnad min Al-Adaab An-Nabawee“, as well as reviewing books of explanation and recalling some of the benefits and elucidating some of the general expressions in the book. And may Allaah grant her good.
She continues upon good and gaining beneficial knowledge. She attends my lessons and other lectures from behind a curtain. May Allaah keep her firm and strong on the truth and benefit Islaam and the Muslims by her. And in spite of all this, she serves me and helps me with my research as well as one could possibly wish. And may Allaah grant her good.


Umm Salama As-Salafiyyah


4. Umm Salama As-Salafiyyah (and she is a wife of Shaykh Muqbil): An excellent, ascetic caller to Allaah on firm knowledge, and she has excellent character. She teaches her sisters from ” At-Tihfat As-Sunniya“, “Al-Mutamama“, “Al-Baa’ith Al-Hatheeth“, “Al-Qawlul-Mufeed“, “Al-Aqeedatul-Waasatiyyah“, “Al-Mufrad Al-‘Ilm ” and “Al-Mulhah” through memorization and studying the explanations. And one of her books, “Al-Intisa lill-Muminaat“, is under publication, as well as a refutation of Az-Zandaani that she authored, which is an extremely beneficial research work. And she is now working on “al-Adaab al- Mufrad,” discussing what needs to be discussed regarding the narrators in the chains of narration. She also mentions the points of benefit from the fiqh of hadeeth, and the explanation of strange words within it and the verification of sources of the ahadith as needed. She has not ceased to continue upon the good and learning from the beneficial knowledge. She attends my classes and other lectures from behind a curtain. May Allaah make her firm upon the truth and benefit Islam and the Muslims by her. And in spite of all this, she serves me and helps me with my research as well as one could possibly wish. And may Allaah grant her good.


Umm Ibraaheem Al-Waadi’iyyah


5. Umm Ibrahim Al-Wadi’eeyah


Umm Ibraaheem bint Hassan Al-Hadhramiyyah


6. Umm Ibrahim Bint Hassan Ibn Ali Isa Al-Jaybutiyah then Al-Hadhramiyyah: A woman who calls to Allaah.


Umm Ibraaheem Al-Haashidiyyah


7. Umm Ibrahim Khadijah Al-Haashidiyya: An excellent woman. She has understanding and is diligent regarding the lessons.


Umm Usaamah Al-Mahwitiyyah


8. Umm Usamah Al-Mahwitiya: Memorizer of Allaah’s book.


Umm Usaamah Nurah bint Alee Al-Abbaasiyyah


9. Umm Usamah Nurah Ibn Ali Al-Abbaasiyah Al-Amraaniyah: An excellent woman caller; memorizes the Qur’aan. She benefits her sisters and is one who benefits.


Umm Asmaa bint Alee Jibreel


 10. Umm Asma Bint Ali Jibreel: And outstanding woman, diligent -she has understanding and knowledge.


Umm Ayyoob Al-Waadi’iyyah


11. Umm Ayyoub Al-Wadi’eeyyah


12. Umm Hudhayfah Bint Al-Furjaanee Al-Libiyah: For six years she has sought knowledge in Dammaaj and she is an excellent woman. She has understanding and knowledge.


13. Umm Saalim Al- Waadi’eeyyah: She is an excellent woman and an effective lecturer.


14. Umm Salamah Hind Al-Haashidiyyah


15. Umm Sulaim Hudaa Bint ‘Ali Al-‘Abbaasiyyah Al-‘Amraaniyyah: An outstanding, hardworking woman, persevering on participating in the lessons.


16. Umm Sulayman Al-Shawkaaniyyah: An outstanding woman, possessing understanding and knowledge.


17. Umm Saabir Bint Al-Haamid: An outstanding woman who benefits.


18. Umm Taariq Bint ‘Ali Ibn ‘Eedroos Al-Haashimiyyah Al-Hajiyyah


19. Umm ‘Abdir Rahmaan Ibtisaam Bint ‘Imraan Ibn Hussain Ibn Saalih Al-Aswad Al-Zaawee Al-Libiyyah: An outstanding, diligent woman, she has understanding and is hardworking on her lessons.


20. Umm ‘Abdir Rahmaan Bint Naasir Ibn Karoo Al- ‘Adaniyyah: She has memorized twenty juz of Qur’aan.


21. Umm ‘Abdillaah Al-Bi’daaniyyah Bint ‘Abdillaah Ibn ‘Ali Ibn Hameed Al-Khayaat: She teaches our sisters in grammar, the grading of ahaadeeth, and tawheed and is a lecturer. She is close to finishing memorization of the Qur’aan.


22. Umm ‘Abdillaah Bint Saalim Al-Wasaabiyyah: Memorizer of Allaah’s Book


23. Umm ‘Abdillaah Bint ‘Abdillaah Al-Wasaabiyyah: Memorizer of Allaah’s Book


24. Umm ‘Abdillaah Bint ‘Abdillaah Ibn Ahmad Al-Salawiyyah: Memorizer of the Qur’aan


25. Umm ‘Ammaar Al- Maaramiyyah Al-‘Adaniyyah: An excellent woman caller and memorizer of the Qur’aan and she has a work currently being published, “Bulugh Al-Hujja fi Sitr Wahida.


26. Umm ‘Amr Al- Waadi’eeyyah: An excellent woman, she memorizes Qur’aan and she is now working on a verification on Ash-Shawkani’s treatise on the prohibited pictures


27. Umm Al-Fidaa Al-‘Adaniyyah: An outstanding, hardworking woman


28. Umm Al- Fadal Bint Hussain Thaamir

29. Umm Maazan Bint ‘Abdillaah Ahmad ‘Abdaan: An outstanding female caller


30. Umm Mas’oub Bint Balqaasim Ibn Muhammad Al-Surmaani Al-Libiyyah: An excellent, hardworking woman


31. Umm Mus’ab Bint Muhammad Ibn Thaab it Ibn ‘Aqlaan Al- Hakimi Al-‘Adaniyyah: An excellent, beneficial woman


32. Umm Mas’ab Mariam Al-‘Adaniyyah: An outstanding woman who loves the sunnah, loves beneficial knowledge, and calls to Allaah upon knowledge and understanding. May Allaah strengthen us and unite us upon the truth, Ameen


33. Umm Mu’aadh Al-Warashafaaniyya Al-Libiyyah: She is memorizing ” Al-Aqeedatu Al-Wasatiyyah


34. Umm Musa Bint ‘Umar Al-Hushabiyyah:-and she has understanding and is memorizing the Noble Qur’aan


35. Shaheedah Umm ‘Abdillaah Fawrad Al-Britanniyya Al-Muhaajirah: And she is a woman aspiring to spend her time diligently in obtaining the knowledge, spending a great deal of her time in the masjid, reviewing and benefiting.


 وفق الله الجميع لما يحب ويرضى .

هذا وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.


Umm Mujaahid Khadeejah Bint Lacina


Rabi’ath-Thaani 4, 1424 Sana’a, Yemen

6 thoughts on “Female Students of Knowledge in Dammaj

  1. Asalaamu alaikum. Do you know how i can get hold of one of these sisters’ email address’?
    -Also do any of them speak english if so plz provide me with one or two of their emails.

    Jazak’Allahu Khairah

  2. alaykoum salaam
    Shaheedah Umm ‘Abdillaah Fawrad Al-Britanniyya Al-Muhaajirah speaks english. However, arabic is the main language spoken unless you are a new taalibatul ‘ilm who does not know the lugha, you can speak english insha allaah until you get your duroos started and start speaking the lugha insha allaah.

  3. Salaam walaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatu. a there any sisters who can give me info about living conditions in Dammaj. The only reason i ask is bcoz i have a bby who wil b jus over 1yrs inshallah when we hope to go there inshallah. i jus want to have some kind of idea of the conditions inshallah. As i mother it is something natural for me to be concerned for my baby.
    Jazakumallah khairun

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