The Sunnah

Shaikh Muhammad Alee As Saayis , teacher of Al Azhar University said about the Sunnah:

And from the matters in which there is no difference of opinion is that the Sunnah is the Key to the book of Allah  which is used as a guidance to the Book in terms of uncovering its reality, and looking into its intricicies . For verily the Qur’an is that which the Shariah springs from, and contains knowledge of everything which is evidenced from Allah’s saying: “We haven’t left anything out of the book “. And he said: ” We have sent a book which clarifies everything”. And he said : “Today I have completed for you your religion”.

And the responsibility of Prophethood means the responsibility of conveying the message from Allah and clarifying its orders and prohibitions. Allah has said: “Oh Prophet convey which has been sent down to you by your Lord and if you do not do this you would not have spread your message”. He also said: “And we sent a rememberence (The Sunnah) to make clear that which has been revealed to the people (The Qur’an)”. Therefore this shows that the Sunnah has to be followed.

And if it is that we hold on to the Sunnah and act upon it in fact we would be acting upon the book of Allah. It was said to Mutarrif Ibn Abdillah : Do not speak from anything except the Qur’an. He then said: We do not want a replacement for it but we want to take it from one who knows the Qur’an better than us (1). And Imam Auza’ee narrated from Hassan Ibn Ateeyah: The revelation was sent to the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) and Angel Jibreel used to be present with the Sunnah which was used to explain the Qur’an, therefore whatever came from the Prophet (صلى الله علية و سلم) from his sayings, his actions or his permissions did not come except from revelation (Allah said) :” And he does not speak from desire. It is only a revelation unto him “.

And some people have become astray and have led others astray, because they have thrown the Sunnah behind their back and they say that in the Qur’an there is clarification for everything so what is the need of the Sunnah? And they think, in error, that their view of the Qur’an would be enough to reach their goal ,  and the Rafidah (a sect from amongst the Shia), the Jahmeeyah and the Khawarij have gone against consensus, for the Rafidah have rejected the Hadeeth: ” We the Prophets do not leave anything as inheritence , and we do not leave it as charity”, because they think that Allah’s saying: “Allah has advised you about your children”. And the Jahmeeyah have rejected all the Hadeeth about Allah’s description thinking that the verse :”There is nothing like him”, contradicts this.  And the Khawarij rejected the Hadeeths of intercession in the hereafter using the saying of Allah: “Oh ye who believe give out from which has been given to you in charity before there comes a day where there is no bargaining, friendship or intercession”.  And also they have rejected the Hadeeth about those with big sins leaving the hellfire because of what they have understood from the verses which contain threats.

And the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) : about this from what he has been given from the unseen,  and he spoke about those who reject the Hadeeth of the Prophet  (صلى الله عليه و سلم) , it was narrated from him that he said: “It is feared that men amongst you who will be lying down will be told of a Hadeeth that comes from me and he says: Between us and you is the Book of Allah. Whatever we find in it that is Halaal we make it Halaal and whatever we find in it that is Haraam we make it Haraam. But verily whatever the Messenger of Allah has made Haraam Allah has made Haraam”.

So what is it that made these people only take from what is apparant from the book, and not seeking guidance of the book from the light of Prophethood and the message whilst even the Book (the Qur’an) orders this (following the Sunnah)? Allah has said: “Whatever Allah has given you take it and whatever he has prevented you from leave it”, And he said : ” Let those who diffrentiate from his orders be warned of a trail or a great punishment overcomming them”.

And these Ayaat show that the Sunnah must be used, and returning to it .

(1) It was narrated in Daarimee that Sa’eed Ibn Jubair was once teaching a class and was narrating Hadeeth. A man came into the class and told him: “In the Book of Allah there is something that goes against this”. The Imam then said: “The Prophet  (صلى الله عليه و سلم) had more knowledge of the Qur’an than you have”.


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