Shaikh Rabee’ and the Tableeghis.

The Story of Shaykh Rabee’ and Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh, the Heretical
Sect of India

Shaykh Rabee’ was asked about Jamaa’ah ut-Tableegh, so he said:

I have never gone with this Jamaa’ah, but indeed, I went for work,
then, like, to Kashmir. And I became vacated from this work, and I
passed through Delhi, so it was said to me: “Let us go to such and
such place to visit the da’wah center of Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh, and to,
like, Nidhaam ud-Deen.”

Nidhaam ud-Deen, this is a masjid nearby the da’wah center of Jamaa’at
ut-Tableegh, and inside of it are five graves, atop which are domes,
which are worshipped alongside of Allaah, a clear worship, no dust on
it (i.e. a figurative expression meaning that it is plain for everyone
to see).

Then we went out to the masjid of Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh, and it was
being said, like, the people were disagreeing with each other as to
whether there were graves in it or there weren’t graves in it.

So ‘Abdur-Rubb asked, this one whom I have mentioned, he asked a
number of them: “Is there in this masjid – the masjid of Jamaa’at
ut-Tableegh – a grave or some graves?”

The clever ones [amongst them] said: “No, there are no graves in it.
The grave of Illiyaas [1] is buried in Makkah,” or such-and-such
place, some far away place.

So he continued to ask until an individual guided him or informed him
that the grave of Illiyaas was in the masjid, and next to it, the
grave of his wife.

Then he came with the brother ‘Abdur-Rubb to the two graves and stood
over them. Then after he made sure [that these were the graves], he
came back and said: “Come, I will show you these two graves.”

So we looked, and so he said: “This is the grave of Illiyaas, and this
is the grave of his wife, and they are inside of the masjid.”

Then after that, we verified that there were four graves in this
masjid, not two. We verified [this fact] from some trustworthy people
who accompanied Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh for years and knew this true
state of affairs… [End of Shaykh’s words]

From the book Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh (p. 450). The actual audio is also
available here:

Also refer to this thread on sahab:

[1] He is Muhammad Illiyaas, the heretical Deobandee who founded
Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh in the 1920s, may Allaah give him what he
deserves. For further information on him and his evil sect, one should
refer to the book “al-Qawl ul-Baleegh fit-Tahdheer min Jamaa’at
it-Tableegh” of the Noble Shaykh Hamood Bin ‘Abdullaah at-Tuwayjiree
(d. 1413). Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan praised this book, saying that he
did not leave out anything with regards to his exposing this deviant

This is picture evidence that the Jama’ah Ut Tableegh worship graves. Muhammad Ilyass’s grave is the 4th to the bottom and it is actually in the Masjid as Shaikh Rabee’ said.  And Allah’s help is sought.


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