Beneficial stuff

Alhamdu lillah this week was a very nice week for real. I spent it in Masjid as Sunnah and we did several books. And for every class I took my front row seat. We did the following books:

1) Usuul Us Sittah

2) Qawai’d Al Arba

3) Nawaqid Ul Islam

4) Ma’na Taaghuut

5) Risalah Fee Ma’na La Ilaha Ill Allah

6) Sittatu Mawadi’ min As Seerah.

I only took notes for the last three. But I benefitted nonetheless. We also had a meeting with the Shaikh on Saturday morning concerning the da’wah in Trinidad and Tobago. And he gave one of the best talks I heard on the types of Ulama and Tulaab Ul Ilm there are. In the second part we spoke about certain personalities who have caused more harm than good for the da’wah itself and he advised us concerning them. He also advised the brothers to meet at least once a week to study a book amongst each other as this helps to make all the brothers stronger on ilm.

All in all I know that from that I have to return to study. I miss sitting down in the front row of the dars, putting something to mark my spot, writing my notes, answering questions correctly and incorrectly in some cases etc. Although I have many shortcomings I ask Allah to forgive all of them and to make it easy for me to seek knowledge and act upon it.


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