Tawheed Ul Uluheeyah

The second type of Tawheed is Tawheed al Uluheeyah which is Allah’s oneness in worship. This type of Tawheed was the reason why all the Prophets from Noah to the Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) were sent Allah said “ We have sent to every nation a Prophet to call them to worship Allah and stay away from Taghuut (Worshipping other creatures) “ Surah Nahl verse 37 . Also in surah Anbiyaa verse 25 Allah said ” We did not send down a Prophet except that we revealed to him that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah and to
worship Allah”
Worship according to the ulama a comprehensive term of everything that Allah loves and is pleased with whether it be speech or action , secret or open. Therefore it includes du’a , fear, asking help, seeking assistance, sacrifice , salaah etcetera. If a person puts one of these categories of worship to other than Allah he/she is a Mushrik even if they say la ilaha ill Allah.

Shirk as said before isnot only confined to the worship of idols. It is putting any category of worship to other than Allah.Hence if a Muslim makes du’a, or
sacrifices, or swears and  oath to the Prophet (Salallahu alaihi wa sallam) or other than him he/she is a Mushrik/Kaafir.
Allah said in Surah  Nisa verse 48 ” Allah does not forgive those who makes shirk with him”  And in surah Maida “Whoever makes shirk with ALlah Jannah has been made haraam for  him and his seat is in the fire” And nowhere in his book did he confine shirk to idol worshipping. Rather shirk is general to the worship of Idols, trees, stones, the moon, the stars, Prophets and righteous people and other things. 


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