Tawheed Ar Rububeeyah

The types of Tauheed are divided into three parts. Tauheed Ar-Rububeeyah, Tauheed Al Uluheeyah and Tauheed al Asmaa wa Sifaat.

Tauheed Ar-Rububeeyah means the oneness of Allah in his Lordship. Meaning that Allah is the only creator, master and organiser of everything within the heavens and the earths.Some of the scholars have also called this the Tauheed- Af’aal al Khaaliq or Tawheed in Allah’s actions.

The evidence for this is Allah’s in Surah Faatihah verse 1 “Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds” This verse  shows that all praise and love is deserved by Allah who is the Lord of everything and the sustainer of everything.
It must be noted however that the Mushrikuun (idol worshippers) of Makkah believed that Allah was the only Lord and that this did not enter them into islam.  In surah Mu’minuun verse 86-87 Allah said :” Say (O Muhammad) who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the Majestic Throne.They will say Allah This shows that even before they said it Allah knew that these Mushrikuun recognised him as the only Lord and yet the Prophet was ordered to fight them until  they say La ilaha ill Allah. Therefore contrary to popular belief La ilaha ill Allah does not mean ” No God but Allah”


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